T-Rex 600 Electric Helicopters

photo of t rex helicopterThe electric T-Rex helis look and fly nearly the same as their nitro counterparts.  But they don’t require fuel, they’re quieter, and they don’t smoke up the place.  Rather than repeating discussion of the nitro models, I’ll focus here on what’s in the various packages, plus where to buy ‘em.

About Batteries

But first a little bit about battery-powered helis.  The electric Trex 600s may not have any emissions, but they’re way to big for any indoor flying.  Except maybe in the Astrodome ;-)  Although you’re not buying fuel and the cost of electricity for charging is negligible, electric heli flying still isn’t cheap.  High-performance batteries are expensive, and they have a limited number of charge-discharge cycles.   You’ll need pretty much the same battery for the electronics as you would for a nitro.  But the main LiPo battery will set you back over a hundred dollars for a quality pack.  Generally the more expensive batteries will last for more flights (charge/discharge cycles).  With big electric helicopterss like the Trex600e you’re talking roughly a dollar per flight in eventual battery replacement.

T-rex 600 ESP Super Combo

All of the 600 packages are un-assembled, and will take an experienced flyer around 10 hours of assembly and set-up time.  All use a flybar for blade stabilization.

The ESP superior combo is the most complete package.  It features carbon fiber blades, fiberglass canopy, and a carbon fiber frame.  Like the nitro versions it has excellent balance, stability, and smoothness.  The electric motor is actually more responsive in terms of throttle changes, but this heli does have a bit less power than a nitro.  Some people modify the frame for a more powerful motor, and this also requires a ESP (electronic speed control) upgrade as well. 

The difference between the KX1016012 and KX1016013 part numbers is just the color.  Unlike many packages, these do include the electric motor.  Here’s what’s included:

  • carbon fiber blades (600D)
  • standard servos (3, DS610)
  • head-lock gyro (GP780, with servo)
  • ESC (RCE-BL100G, governor mode)
  • regulator (BEC, 2in1)
  • battery (7.4 V 1900 maH lipo, for flight electronics)
    motor (RCM-BL600M)

So pretty much all you need to add is the motor battery and a charger.  Plus, of course, a 6+ channel transmitter and receiver.

Other Electric T Rex Helicopter Packages

The T-rex 600e cF Combo (KX160002A) does not include blades, headlock gyro, and headlock servo.  The ESC is the RCM-BL75G, the battery is 1100 mah, and the motor is a 600L.

The 600e CF kit (also KX16002A) is pretty bare-bones.  You’ll need your own blades, all servos, head-lock gyro, ESC, electronics battery and motor.

Finally the T-rex 600e GF Combo (KX160006A) also excludes blades, servos, and gyro.  The GF indicates a fiberglass frame.  The motor is a 650L, electronics battery is 1900 maH, voltage regulator is 2in1, and the electronic speed control is a RCE-BL100G. The kit version drops the ESC, voltage regulator, electronics battery, and motor.

Electric 600 Helicopters Wrap-Up

Surprisingly, flight times for electric helis are quit similar to those of nitros, roughly 10 minutes.  You’ll get faster response on the throttle, but a bit less power on the top end.  You’ll avoid the hazard of fuel and the emissions of a 2-stroke engine.  But battery replacement still means a cost of around a dollar per flight.  Like all 600-series T rex helicopters these electrics are known for good quality, reasonable price, and more importantly they’re known for their stability as well as acrobatic capabilities.

Click Here for the 600 ESP superior combophoto of trex 600 esp super combo

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